A big roof over great ideas

pano Nelson Mandela Forum

Nelson Mandela Forum is a crossroads between people and cultures.

Nelson Mandela Forum is the name of Florence Forum.

Naturally and by vocation, underneath Mandela Forum’s big roof there are many different activities, sports and cultural, dedicated and finalized to the meeting of men, people and culture.

Under NMF’s roof we nourish the dream of building a common ground for men to meet and discover each other different.
Because where men really meet a sense of staying together can rise, a sense of community, open, global, multicultural.
To give a name, a face and a body to our dream we looked to a living example, that embodies the humanitarian spirit of our time: Nelson Mandela.
To give life and concreteness to our project we look at music, theatre, sport, politics, arts, religion and all the activities that can help to till and to fertilize the common field of conscience, on which men can meet, grow, dance, listen and think.

Besides sports, inside Mandela Forum are held concerts, shows, plays, of all different kind and with the more spectacular staging. Moreover, this kind of activities are the most attractive for the public and, paradoxically, are the more neglected when this kind of structures are originally conceived and planned, especially the less recent ones.
Mandela Forum also hosts political and religious meetings, cult events, expositions of all kind, competitions, conventions, New Year’s Eve party or par-ties and events to know customs of foreign countries.
As you can figure, in a Forum like this all the activities that can enrich the cultural heritage of men are held, as in a modern “agora”, roomy, equipped and well organized.