One name, one symbol


Florence Forum is called Nelson Mandela Forum.

On November 3rd 2004, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Florence Palasport Association reached ad agreement giving the possibility for the Florence indoor stadium “one of the most important venue in the country ” to use the name of the South African leader for twelve years.

The new name of the florentine indoor stadium represents a unique case of the kind, giving the fact that almost every italian venue of such importance and visibility has a commercial name.
The choice to name the florentine venue after the South African leader, brings at least two immediate results: underline the engagement and the figure of Nelson Mandela mainly in front of the young generations, and promote initiatives toward humanitarian projects.

As a matter of a fact the figure and the life of Nelson Mandela can be the sign to renew the meaning of the universal values he courageously pursued, both in the struggle against apartheid, and in the reconciliation work and in the engagement for the release from social privations.

To make the awareness and responsability of this engagement prevail and evident in the daily management of the Forum, we decided to move over by little great steps, seeking goal that continously urge us to do more and better. Some things have already been achieved, others are in progress. Our short story and its steps are explained at the page Targets.

Project Management is empowered by Stamina s.r.l.; mr. Andrea Bottinelli, eng. Francesco Santi, arch. Maria Perini.
Tre project has been carried out by Studio LPGA Florence: arch. Roberto Lancietti, arch. Gianfranco Giordo, eng. Marco Passaleva, arch. Michele Passaleva.
Technical advice:
Acustic optimization: arch. Carlo Carbone.
Mechanical facilities: eng. Mario Fascetti.
Fire prevention: P.I. Ulderigo Frusi
Legal advice: Frittelli-Lascialfari lawyers office.